Monday December 9th
Hint LeftMagdalena AbakanowiczHint Right

Red Rock Saloon returns in January

Mr Brews High Crossing EAST
The Sett (Badger Den) at Union South UW Madison - Public Welcome! Red Rock Saloon Madison
7p 7:30p X

Eddie's Alehouse Sun Prarie
Sweet Home Wisconson on Regent St. Tipsy Cow Madison
Tipsy Cow
8p 8p 8p
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SeinfeldCastSein Next Door Brewing
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Tuesday December 10th
Hint LeftLouise BourgeoisHint Right
Grateful Shed Toffler's The Rock in Sun Prariie
6:30p 7p 7p
Monte's Grill in Verona EASTSIDE
Great Dane Pub Madison EAST
BarleyPop Tap
7p 7:30p 7:30p
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Wednesday December 11th
Hint LeftAnna ChromýHint Right
New Show Starts Tonight! @ Brix Cider
Bristled Boar Middleton WI The Brass Ring Octopi Tanner's Madison's Booga Bar Next Door Brewing
6:30p 7p 7p 7p 7p
brix cider
Brix Cider Mt Horeb
Danny's Pub Madison Danny's Pub Madison SCONNIEBAR on Regent Brix Cider Mt Horeb
6:30p 7:30p 7p 8p 6:30p
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RebelAllianceDeathstarStarWars Next Door Brewing
Soup NaziSeinSeinfeld and Superman Brix Cider Mt Horeb
A Trivia Show About Nothing @ Brix 6:30p
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Thursday December 12th
Hint LeftMichele Oka DonerHint Right
Viking Brewpub in Stoughton, WI #Pillage DOWNTOWN
BarleyPop LIVE!

The Red Zone Regent Street's PREMIER Sports Bar The Echo Tap and Grill a Madison Institution #iLoveTrivia #LeftShark #RandyisAwesomeSauce
7:30p 7:30p 8p 9p
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Sunday December 15th
Hint LeftGerda FrömelHint Right
The Brass Ring The Echo Tap and Grill a Madison Institution #iLoveTrivia #LeftShark #RandyisAwesomeSauce
5:30p 7p
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