Tuesday July 16th
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BarleyPop LIVE! (former Frequency Downtown) Returns tonight!
Monte's Grill in Verona The Rock in Sun Prariie Tyranena
7p 7p 7:30pm
Great Dane Pub Madison EAST
7:30p 7:30p 7:30p
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Wednesday July 17th
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Bristled Boar Middleton WI The Brass Ring Octopi Tanner's Madison's Booga Bar Next Door Brewing
  6:30p 7p 7p 7p 7p  
  Bierock Danny's Pub Madison SCONNIEBAR on Regent
  7:30p 7:30p 8p  
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Sunday July 21st
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The Brass Ring The Echo Tap and Grill a Madison Institution #iLoveTrivia #LeftShark #RandyisAwesomeSauce
5:30p   8p
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